IGU Commission on Political Geography

With the end of the “Endist” time, we now all agree that the world is not borderless at all. Borders are there, more “concrete” then ever, since many of them have been turned into new walls. And territorial states, far from living the foreseen demise, keep on acting a crucial role in the international scene, even within the supranational institutions that were supposed to incorporate them. Still, they are not the only character on the stage: a profusion  of new actors, or rather of old actors, whose political role is acknowledged only now (such as corporations, mafias, transnational movements, city networks, markets, rating agencies) are filling the set, playing supporting, or antagonist, roles. Resource wars, territorial conflicts, boundary controversies are still plaguing the world. At  the same time, new issues are raising, such as land grabbing, challenging old distinctions among economic power, territorial sovereignty, and politics. Meanwhile new challenges, global in scale and very local in their dramatic consequences, such as climate change and environmental security issues, are posing urgent questions to researchers, activists, and politicians as well.

The Commission on Political Geography of IGU-UGI aims at encouraging geographical research on these various dimensions of the connections between power, politics, and space,s and at stimulating the exchange of findings and insights among political geographers from different countries. It is also focused on the analysis of the connections between political geo-graphies (that is all the discursive praxis pertaining with the representation of the world in its political organisation) and the making of the world itself.




Credits: ICY AND SOT  http://icyandsot.com/



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